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about daishang
Shanghai Daishang Chemical Co., Ltd. established in January 2005, sticking to the guiding principle "Technical innovation, Quality Orientation", we practice best of technology innovation, optimized management and robust service system for our customers. By years....  >>More
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Headquarter: Rm.1805/1816,Silver Bridge Tower,No.58,Jinxin Road,
Pudong District, Shanghai 201206,China.
Tel:+86-21 5130 3638  Fax:+86-21 5130 3633
Cell phone: 0086 138 1624 7366
WhatsApp: 0086 138 1624 7366
E-mail:info@daishangchem.com sales@daishangchem.com
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020
CPHI Shanghai in 18th-20th, June, 2019. Welcome to our standard E2A68.
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